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About Pickle & Pear

Pickle & Pear is a special love story. Stephanie (pickle) and Alvin (pear) met in highschool but were not together at the time.  Alvin was the star athlete at Greenhill and Stephanie was voted “most improved” and warmed the sports bench.  The two reconnected in 2019 when Alvin arguably slid into Stephanie’s DMs, and they have not stopped talking to each other for a single day since.  Four apartments, new cities, new jobs, a global pandemic, and threeish years later, they will officially merge their lives together in front of their closest friends and family.


With a passion for hospitality and an appreciation for life’s tastiest treasures, they have built a home where the door is always open and the kitchen is always preheating. 


For Stephanie, like her Jewish Gram who came before her, nothing gives her more pleasure than happy and well-taken-care of family.  Alvin, brings the small touches to make sure every day is filled with warmth, fresh cut flowers, and music.  Pickle & Pear is known for greeting everyone like family, with staff and servers who have as much fun as our customers, and food that is as good to look at as it is delicious to eat. Our complete menu is served all day–come for lunch and stay for dinner!


The menu at Pickle & Pear tells the story of the dishes we know and love from our childhoods in Texas, as well as the deli-style food and culture, emphasizing bright, fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation. Our love for the life we have created is reflected in everything at Pickle & Pear, from our lively atmosphere, all-day dining hours, effortless ambience and joyful sense of community.


From the Press


The Food Reporter

“It’s always a wild time but a good time!”


Cal DiJulius, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

“Alvin and Stephanie's cooking is so good, you'll want to marry them both just to have it every day!”

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